Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu - Full Service
Fresh leaven bakery bread/ Bagels
Cream cheese (regular, pesto, olives, dill & Garlic, sun dried tomatoes)
Hard cheese platters: Roquefort, Bulgarian, Bree with pecans, yellow, Sheep feta, goat bree and more
Vegetable platters and dips
The Bagel Place
Greek salad
Cold pasta salad
Galilean lettuce salad (with fruit and balsamic vinegar)
Chinese cabbage salad
Cold tehina and roasted eggplant
Cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil
Hot main dishes
Lasagna: vegetable / mushroom / spinach
Quiche (a choice of 2): Mushroom / broccoli / spinach / Mediterranean / sweet potato
Egg plant parmesan
Creamed potatoes and sweet potatoes
sweet potato quiche

Salmon filet in white wine, honey, mustard, garlic and scallions.
Salmon filet in soy sauce, honey, ginger and coriander
Moroccan fish - Nile Princes filet in red sauce
Whole salmon spiced with dill, coriander, parsley, lemon, garlic and olive oil
Hot chocolate cake served with a scoop of ice cream
Baked white and dark chocolate- cheese cake
Triple layer mousse cake
Cut up fruit platters
Hot chocolate cake served with a scoop of ice cream
Porcelain dishes
Satin table clothes and napkins
Porcelain dishes
 Hot drinks
Espresso and cappuccino maker
hot drinks
 Cold drinks
Fresh juice, Sodas (Coca cola Company), mineral water

Service including setting up, cleaning, decretive buffet

These are some of the dishes we offer. We are happy to adapt ourselves to your requests and needs.

Any question or request, please contact me - 054-3101181 Aviad

Thank you



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